Why haven't you post any blogs for the past half year? In short, I'm too lazy.

During the pandemic and circuit breaker, people are advised to stay at home and keep a safe distance. I thought that won't affect my life since I'm a typical otaku. The truth is that this kind of environment will still bring some mental health problems. Fresh air, blue sky, shining stars, all the natural things become very attractive. Thankfully, I can get up early and go hiking in the park if I want now.

One thing that takes me a lot of time is preparing for the interviews. I do learn a lot after I became an interviewer. Now I understand that even though a lot of programmers don't like the leetcode style coding questions, we don't have very good alternative ways to know if the candidates are good at programming or not. However, as an interviewer, I try to come up with some coding questions that don't require a lot of time to practice in the leetcode coding questions. Usually, these questions are related to algorithm implementations which only require basic data structure and programming language knowledge. For a qualified programmer, it won't be a problem to solve them. So the coding practices will be an important standard.

However, as an interviewee, I'm still worried about the leetcode style questions. That's why I speed a lot of time practicing. I know it's ironic and pathetic. And sadly, I found that nobody gave me a hard leetcode question to stop me from getting the offer. It seems that there are too many articles talking about how hard the coding interview could be. Whether you don't have good computer science knowledge or the company doesn't want to hire more people at that time. Maybe for some very attractive positions, things will be different. That's what we call "involution".

During this period, I have talked to a lot of people from the Internet. Some of them are remarkably self-discipline. They keep working on and contributing to open-source projects. I used to maintain a small one, so I know how hard it will be. Especially when you are busy with something else. They also keep writing blogs to record what they have learned recently. I tried to do something similar in the past. But I didn't stick to it. I know that without output, it's hard to know how much I have learned.

Speaking of notes, I have tried a lot of products. OneNote, WizNote, Evernote, Typora, Foam, Jupyter Notebook, GitHub Gist, etc. After all, I'm tired of changing the platform. So I decide to use Markdown + GitHub private repo + ripgrep. That's enough for me now. And it works very well. GitHub issues are another thing that can be used as a notebook. And you can get the (semantic?) search feature for free.

I will try to use English to write blogs to practice my poor written skills. All beginnings are hard. But it worth trying.